The Classic Rock Experience                             
                                                                            A Magical Musical RockTacular Through the 70's



                                            The Golden Years
                                                1976- 1983
                   Pictures from the vault celebrating our 40 year History!

1976 one the very first shows Gregg & Joey actually had to have written permission notes from there Mothers to perform at a theater that served liquior in Indiana, both were barely old enough to drive at the time.

This picture of Gregg St.Charles was Voted Best Hair in 1982 by Gig magazine !

Joey Von Richter claims to have been the FIRST guitarist ever to remove the sleaves from his T-shirt thus.... launching a fashion trend that would span for 3 decades !
Stephen & Les at the Famous Round Up Club 1978
                                     Showdowns in Clarksville, Tn 1982

                              Gregg, Kurt and 1/2 of Joe in 1978 at Guy's N Doll's.

                                       Lost and looking for Woodstock in 1977

Long before Stryper We had the Black & Yellow stripes

                     Vandenburg Auditorium 1982 Evansville, Ind performing with
                                       The Guess Who and Head East

                Ahh the big 80's and Purple & Red Spandex Ruled the World !


                      In the 70's we wore lots of Satin........and No it does'nt
                      still fit today..........

One of the 1st of many Gregg & Joe Pics...... Punkie in West Palm, Bch Fla 1982
Gregg at the Infamous "Round-Up Club 1978 in front of his mighty Wall "O" Sound!


                                                         1977 Lebanon, Ky at the famous Club 68

Joe in West Palm Bch, Fla
                                     The Bowery Ballroom 1983:
                                     Always one to make sure is
                                        guitar matched his outfit



                                                             Kurt at age 17 on stage at Annie's in Cincinnati, Ohio

                                                                                      Gregg, Kurt and Joe in 1979


                                                            Gregg onstage at the Flying Dutchman in Charleston, Sc in 1982


                                                                                               KD in 1979