The Classic Rock Experience                             
                                                                            A Magical Musical RockTacular Through the 70's
Band Bios

And so our Story Begins.....
On a frigid New Year's Eve show in 1976 when two local Cincinnati bands were scheduled to perform together. All seemed like just another Happy New Year's eve show with the slight exception that only.. ONE member from each band had showed up! 
So just who were these two prompt and punctual professionals you ask ?
 Well none other than founding members Gregg St.Charles and Joey Von Richter who then scrambled to collect enough pocket change to make a few calls to find some other musicians to help cover the show.

  Well, what went down on that special night was nothing short of a belated Christmas Miracle, for on that magical night was forged the beginning of a band that would come and go..(mostly go) for the next 38 years........Midnight Special!   Who then went on to tour nationally becoming one of America's Premier Rock N  Roll shows,
opening for countless National headliners and performing at Fairs, Theaters, Festivals, Performing Art Centers, Company Picnics, Concert Halls, Homeless shelters, Theme Parks and Bar Mitzvah's........

  Midnight Special also enjoyed regional success on Polygraph Records with the release of
"Eye to Eye" and "Dixie Normous" ( a Southern Rock Anthem ironically banned in the south ??).
   Speaking of Southern Rock..... Midnight Special was also the 1st. band in documented history to have "FREEBIRD" screamed out at them at a concert event.......this live music ritual has since continued on through the last four decades and continues to be practiced today at any given concert event no matter how unlikely it
 is that it will be played.......but remember "We" heard it first!

  Now marks the 38 year Anniversary of one of America's All Time Great Rock N Roll shows performing a Collection of Epic Legendary Classic 70s Rock Anthems from the list of Greatest Songs of All Time in true 70s Arena Rock Concert Style!
     The band still has ALL of their original Vintage instruments and stage equipment from their last national tour "Endowed & Proud!  82" making this a very authentic trip back to The 70s  with
                        The Classic Rock Experience  !

                                                         That's Our Story and We're Sticking to it!

                                                               So Just Who the Hell Are These Guys Anyway ?



                                                                                         Kurt Dobkins :
Kurt Dobkins aka. KD, :  Lead Vocals, Lead, Bass & Rhythm Tambourine, Rhythm Guitar,
Kurt is the baby of the band having joined as an original member at the age of 16 then in 1979
while the band was on route to a show out of the country, Kurt... while trying  to smuggle domestic beer out of the country,
Kurt was held and detained indefinitely, afterwards lost and confused, Kurt was not seen or heard from until 2007
when he out of nowhere he just "showed up" for a gig...well.... as luck would have it, we needed a new singer so we went retro and performed the same show from 1979 and returned Kurt to his rightful spot in front.

Kurt's hobbies include: endless rest stop breaks, competitive sleeping, rearranging hotel furniture and napping during
 normal business hours, adopting every dog in the neighborhood and seeing if he can stick his finger in his ear far
 enough to see it come out of the other side.

  Kurt's musical influences include: Steve Perry, Robert Plant, Ronnie James Dio and Dee Snider.


                                                                   Gregg St.Charles
Gregg St.Charles aka...Gino, Gregory St.Gregory:
Bass Guitar, Vocals, Moog Synthesizer  Bass pedals, Creative Genius and Spiritual Leader.

Gregg was voted BEST HAIR in 1982 by GIG Magazine.......After extensive DNA testing it was determined that Gregg was
indeed the founding father of the band......uh and countless others (paternity suits pending)

You may also remember seeing Gregg on the hit tv show "The Bachelor" until producers received a telephone call from Gregg's "WIFE" 
( DOH!! )........Look for Gregg on this seasons tv show...."Cheaters"

His past cre
dits include tours with Head East (A&M records) and SlyFox (Capitol records) Gregg was awarded two Gold records and
also owned and operated one of the largest booking agencies in the country "Long Distance Concerts" from 1984-20
Gregg is also a Huge Si-Fi g
eek although you'd never know it from a guy that looks this cool.

                                                                                  Joey Von Richter
Joey Von Richter: Lead Guitar, Double Neck Guitars, Acoustic Guitar,  Vocals & Noise.
Guitar virtuoso and the bands Co-founder, Joey & Gregg have been best friends for over 35 years.

Joey never one to throw "Anything" away and an avid collector of everything and anything...has resulted in a vintage guitar
collection of several 100 that would make even Fred Sanford proud!

His collection of fine automobiles is not to shabby either. Joey's past credits include tours with Head East and founder of the 80s Rock Sensation Richter Scale. Joey was also elected as Used Car Weeklies.... "Man Of The Year" 3 years running!
Joey's hobbies include: flea market shopping, real-estate and starting huge projects he can't finish seconds before
needing to leave for a show...look for Joe on an upcoming episode of Hoarders!

                                                                                                    Les Sharp

  Les Sharp
 Drums, Percussion, Gong.
Les adds the precision and solidarity that the band has been longing for.
Les was also the founding member of the 70's legendary Cincinnati based band Spike, Les was also one the S's in the World renown band CJSS and also recorded and toured nationally with Chastain touring with acts like
Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Kiss, Judas Priest and many other major headliners.
Les is a veterans veteran of touring starting out in the early 70's.
Les much like fellow bandmate Joe has every piece of equipment that he's ever owned and has a cymbal collection deep into the Thousands!
Les also loves to talk endlessly and in depth on such popular topics as tempo,meter,beats per measures while also being able to keep up on such worlds affairs like Duck Dynasty and the Kardashians.


                                                                            David K. Geoffries
David Geoffries aka...Dave Kern, Kernie, Lu #3,
Keyboards, Piano, Vocals,
Synthesizers, Magic, Organ, Science Officer, Tech Geek, Auditor (yeah...he's watching  you , better save your receipts) 
  Dave's hobbies include: counting stuff, listening to music he doesn't like and collecting rare instruments that he doesn't ever intend to play and personally visiting each and every Super Wal-mart on the globe!
His musical influences include: Kieth Emerson, Rik Wakeman, Elton John and Liberachey.....
(musically only) Daves by far the biggest kid of the band and has every game system ever created.
he still plays his original "pong" video game while on long road trips.